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Sights Private Social Club was founded as a private Gentleman's club in the year 2000. The founder had the idea to create a private club for those who shared his interest in watching nude exotic dancing specifically by beautiful women of color. .

The founder was dismayed at the present atmosphere of the local adult club industry where crime and disorder was accepted as a norm. Some local strip clubs were often also places where drug use, fights, robberies and even homicides took place.

In addition to the crime issue, the Founder also noticed a huge difference in the exotic dancing that took place in local clubs and the Art of Exotic Dancing that took place in clubs throughout other parts of the United States. Exotic dancing in other parts of the country seemed to be taken more seriously as dancers and performers. The dancers actually performed and treated dancing as a true art form.

Also the men in other areas of the country who regularly frequent strip clubs accepted and respected the exotic dance culture more. For many in these areas going to a stipclub was no different than going to a regular dance club.

Another difference the Founder noticed in other clubs throughout the country were the attitudes of law enforcement towards clubs where nude dancing took place. Throughout the South and the Mid-West strip clubs were accepted and treated as normal entertainment by law enforcement. Unfortunately on the East Coast, clubs, dancers and club patrons are routinely treated as criminals and prey for opportunistic politicians seeking media headlines by looking tough on crime.

Believing that there were men who shared his interests, the Founder decided to create a private social club for himself and his close friends that was safe, enjoyable, exciting and filled with beautiful, young, nude exotic dancers. He wanted Sights Social Club to be a private club that men would not only be proud to be a member of but a club they wouldn’t hesitate to bring their friends, family members, sons, business associates and co-workers to.

Today, despite the many challenges Sights has faced over the years it stands out as the benchmark of excellence that its members have come to love and appreciate and other clubs have tried to emulate.

To those clubs we say, THANK YOU. Imitation is the best form of flattery.