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What is Sights?

Sights is a private members only social club whose members enjoy watching the art of female nude exotic dancing.


Does Sights sell alcoholic beverages? 

No. Sights is a non-alcohol juice bar.


Does Sights allow female members?

Yes. We do not discriminate. As long as they follow club rules and bylaws women are allowed to become a member of Sights as well.


Sights is located in Newark. Will I be safe at the club?

Sights is very safe. We take security very seriously, more seriously than most clubs. Our security has been considered by many as the tightest security of any club they have ever gone to. When it comes to club security we have been innovators of security procedures and protocol that other clubs have immulated. We take pride in the fact that to date we have NEVER had an incidence of violence in or around our club by our members or guests. Most clubs and even restaurants like McDonald's can't make that claim.


Is Sights considered an afterhours club?

I guess so if you take into consideration the hours we are open. However, Sights is not a secret, hidden club. We are a legally operating social club, known to the world, that just happens to be open late night on the weekends.


What kind of women dance at Sights?

From time to time Sights has a beautiful mixture of races and cultures dancing and performing at the club usually with a higher percentage of women of color. 


Do you allow BYOB?

Absolutely Not. Other private clubs allow BYOB as a way to cater to their membership, we do not. Sometimes alcohol and nude women are not a good mixture particularly when it comes to maintaining the safety of the dancers and the members.


Do Sights dancers perform nude, topless or in bikinis?

All of the above.


How old do you have to be to dance at Sights?

18 years old with valid, government issued photo identification.


I dance at other clubs using a fake ID. Will Sights also allow me to dance using my fake ID?

Hell No. Other club's stupidity is their problem. Sights has NEVER willingly allowed any dancer to work without proving they were over 18 and we won't start now. Most dancers who use fake ID to gain entry into clubs usually are underage. At that point we feel we have a responsibility to report underage dancers to the authorities. So, if you are underage don't even try it at Sights.


Do Porn Stars ever perform at Sights?

Definately. Some of the industry's most well know international adult film stars have performed on Sights' stage over the years. Past and present Porn Legends like Janet Jacme, Menage-A-Trois, Dynamite, Champagne, Kitten, Heather Hunter, Pinky, Mone Divine, Destiny Dreams and many others have performed at Sights.